Uncover the Adventure Sphere at “The Ferrari World”

One of the best ways to get most out of the life is to look upon the life as an adventure and you need to leave yourself behind to make your travel an adventure. The danger of adventure is worth a thousand days of ease and comfort. You must have gone at many adventurous places but the experience that you will find at “The Ferrari World Abu Dhabi” will just electrify you and you will never find that kind of a thrilling experience anywhere in the world. If you are planning to visit Dubai then Ferrari Theme Park is a place you should never miss.

The Ferrari World Dubai is the largest attraction of its kind and also world’s first Ferrari theme park. The place has more than 20 rides and attractions which brings the Ferrari Brand in front of you in the ways which attract a wide range of international audience. The Ferrari World rides & overall presentation make it the most magical place on earth. On this majestic place Your love for cars will run deeper because the park’s iconic sleek red roof is directly inspired by the classic double curve side profile of the Ferrari GT body. It is spanning in the area of 2.2 million square feet and it looks like a weird spaceship from the air.

The Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, UAE:

Ferrari World Dubai is an indoor-Amusement park situated next to the Yas Mall in and being connected to the mega shopping center in Yas Land via tunnel. For the families which are the fan of the red shiny sports car Ferrari, this Ferrari theme park is meant for them. Here they can experience something cool, and kind of a thing that can’t be missed. It is the Disneyland of the Ferrari Lovers and here one can actually experience the speed racer inside oneself. Then what are you waiting for Ferrari lovers Adventure is awaiting you at “The Ferrari World”, just go and find it. Because Life is all about getting exciting adventures or nothing at all.

The Highlights of the Amusement Park:

Adventures at “The Ferrari World”

1. The Fastest Roller Coaster Ride: Get the wonderment of flying in the air with the speed accelerated to 0 to 150 mph in just five seconds. It is the Signature Ride of the theme park and it is named as “Formula Rossa”. This ride of Ferrari World Roller Coaster is designed in order to cater the park explorers with a taste of the performance capabilities of Ferrari’s iconic Formula race cars. According to The Ferrari World, it is the fastest roller coaster in the world. This roller coaster is capable of accelerating from 0-250 km/h in just 5 seconds and it is felt even faster than that. There are some other roller coasters also like:
The next fastest roller coaster you can explore is Fiorano GT Challenge. ,
Third coaster is the Turbo Track which features a vertical climb and a zero-gravity fall. In this ride visitors are putted in the role of a Ferrari test driver.

Kids Activities in the

2. Kids Activities: The Ferrari World rides are the perfect destination where you can take your kids along. Because there are a number of adventures & activities that are sufficient to keep them indulged and happy all the time. In this Ferrari themed park, Children can also actually learn how to drive mini cars because there is a Junior GT Driving School. It offers a very interesting and unique range of activities. The kids who like thrills can also enjoy the Junior Grand Prix racing track with the high speed racing cars. The kids who are full of energy can enjoy the climbing area. There are  variety amazing things to do for the kids. They gonna love you for taking them to that marvelous world of adventure sports. Please have a look at some more facts:
The WWI fighter plane theme is designed in honor of Count Francesco Baracca.  The basis for the symbol of famous Ferrari logo has come from his black prancing horse.
Experience a ride in a Ferrari that is driven by F1 champion Sebastian Vettel.

3. 7D Movie Experience & more: The red Ferrari world of Abu Dhabi is not only about amazing rides and activities but here you will take advantage of some outstanding shows and live performances. The experience of the 7D magic movie in the Ferrari World turns this mesmerizing place into heaven like place, and you must ensure not to forget to experience this. Because of the Ferrari World Amusement Park, Yas Island has become an ultimate adventurous venue for family.
A section of the park has an Italian theme cinema which features a film on Enzo Ferrari.
Put yourself in a glider flying over Italy held at Viaggio in Italia with a multi-sensory simulator ride.

Self Driven Ferrari Car in The ferrari World

4. Self Driven Ferrari Car: The Self Driven Ferrari car is for the people who ever dreamed of owning or driving a Ferrari Car. This is like a dream come true experience for them. You will be proffered here in the Amusement Park, Abu Dhabi with the Self Driven Ferrari Car. Do you know what does it mean? It means that you can drive yourself the fanciest car of the year “The Ferrari Car”, isn’t it exciting? So just get ready to take a ride around the track in a Ferrari Car with your loved ones or a Ferrari co-pilot.
Several driving simulators are provided there. And driving super-cars around the racetracks is an experience that is far from realistic.
Bell’Italia is the drive that lets you take a leisure around a scaled down model of the Italian landscape.

Adventure Sphere at “The Ferrari World”

5. The Ferrari World Tickets: Let’sy final talk about the Ferrari World Dubai Tickets. Isn’t it true that when it comes to take an experience of another world you will be get ready to pay anything. And why not it is about getting the Lifetime Experience with your family. The Ferrari World Tickets start at $80. You can avail an option of discounts up to 15% in case you purchase the tickets more than 15 days in advance.
Flying Aces is the final rollercoaster of Ferrari World which reaches a speed up to 75mph in less than 5 seconds.
So, Ferrari World is not just about traditional rides that you can also find somewhere else. But it also features interactive experiences like the pit lane challenge etc.

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  1. Great experience with fastest roller coaster which will thrill you down to your spine. A great collecting of new models along with virtual Ferrari factory and lot of other things to enjoy. Must visit for family and friends once in a lifetime.

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