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Travelling is said to be the best investment of your life. Travel is the only thing you buy that make you rich as you collect not just things but the moments for lifetime while travelling. No matter what happens on a trip but it always give you a story to tell others for a lifetime. There is nothing better than a Trip to Goa Beaches because Goa is a place that is amazingly different.
Regardless of how much you have done or how many wonderful places you have traveled, you are going to have entirely different kind of experiences on a trip to Goa Beaches. It is like enjoying some magical moments on white sand of Goa beaches surrounded by the Refreshing Air. The amazing monuments, churches and Colorful Goa nightlife is enough to make this experience even more thrilling.

What a Trip to Goa & Goa Beaches is all about:

Let us describe Goa in a nutshell, it is like: Sun, sand and memories of Lifetime. Goa is a place in the country that is in the bucket list of every traveller and it is where everyone wants to go, and why not? Because as soon as we start talking about Goa, a picture of the enormous beauty of Best Beaches in Goa, a long coastline lined with palm trees instantly raise our spirit.     
Goa has become a perfect place to visit as the beauty of very pretty background, beaches in Goa and the beautiful houses painted in different colors like yellow and rust red are just out of the world. On a trip to Goa, you will come across the sparkling wild nightlife in north Goa and some simple yet fascinating things in south Goa like sunsets and sound of waves.

Let us Discover the Best Beaches in Goa:

Goa is a paradise of beaches and the multitude of beaches in Goa has something to offer for everyone, be it luxury Beach Resorts in Goa or makeshift huts, it could be trance parties or the all calmness. No one can actually say that which is the Best Beach in Goa as the beach that’s right for you depends on the kind of experience you bear in mind to have before coming to Goa Beach. Here’s an overview of what you can expect & find at the best Beaches in Goa.


Anjuna Beach Goa, beaches in goa

The Anjuna Beach Goa follows the Legacy of hippies because once the beach was the home to the hippies. The Anjuna Beach flea market on Wednesday is bigger than ever and it has always been remain popular and it still stands the number one position. This is an ideal beach area for budget travelers & backpackers because in recent years many funky hostels have opened there.

Things to do on Anjuna Beach Goa

  • Jet Skiing, Para Gliding & some water sports
  • Walk up & sit at the most popular small rocks by sea side in the morning hours to enjoy rising sun with local tea/coffee.
  • Yoga, Relki & Ayurvedic Massage are other fascinating things to do
  • For Eating, Drinking & Meri-Making some popular names are: Banyan Soul, Cafe Diogo, Whole Bean Tofu or Casa Anjuna
  • The nightlife lovers can also enjoy at Sea Bar.

Location: It is situated in North Goa and it is 8 kilometers away from Mapusa and 18 kilometers away from Panaji. The railway station which is closest is Thivim.


Baga Beach Goa

Baga Beach Goa is hard to pinpoint exactly where it is. The beach is a bit less crowded and a wide range of water sports are there to enjoy. There are no. of restaurants in the area too for the people like indulging themselves with some fine food and wine. Baga Beach is also popular for its nightlife that includes the infamous Tito’s and Cafe Mambo.

Things to do at Baga Beach Goa

  • Some Adventurous Sports including cruising, jet-skiing, sailing, parasailing, snorkeling, wind surfing, catamaran sailing, scuba-diving, knee – wake-boarding, water-skiing etc.
  • Other leisure activities are sunbathing, hiking, microlite flying, go-karting and bird watching 
  • The center of attraction near Baga beach are: “Baga Retreat House”, “Baga River”, “Medicinal Spring”, “The Sea Cure” & “Kesarval Springs”.

Location: It is in North Goa that is 9 kilometers from Mapusa and 16 kilometers from Panaji. The closest railway station you can find is Thivim.


Butterfly Beach Goa - goa beaches

The Butterfly Beach Goa is a hidden secret of Goa, it is a land full of adventures. This is also peppered with some wonderful views & aquatic life. The beauty of this beach has an aura of calmness attached to it. You will get ensured for a wonderful experience at the Butterfly Beach in Goa with semi-circle shaped landscape and millions of butterflies flying over the hilltop blossoms. There is also acrobatics of the dolphins around this beach cum island. This is called island because the semi-circular shape that is accessed by a boat ride is enough to give the tourists an impression of an island.

Things to do at Butterfly Beach Goa

  • Perfect place for the photography enthusiasts as the beach has a photogenic ambiance
  • Canoe ride along the streams running across the beach cum island
  • The adventure person can enjoy two-hour trek through the forest that encompasses of steep climbs, brooks and densely vegetated landscapes
  • Enjoy magical view of the super acrobatic dolphins and a no. of vibrant butterflies across the hillsides

Location: It is in South Goa that is 43 kilometers away from Marago and 76 kilometers from Panaji. The two closest railway stations are Marago and Canacona.


Miramar Beach Goa, goa beaches

The Miramar Beach Goa is one of the most popular beaches of Goa because of its location. The beach is located in the Capital of Goa which make it is very easily accessible by the tourists as well as the locals. This beach is also considered as the hot spot to celebrate local festivals. The beautiful place that is clean, filled with soft sand is quite a destination for evening walks and early morning strolls.

Things to do at Miramar Beach Goa:

  • The daredevils can enjoy adventurous activities like: parasailing or jet-skiing
  • The day shopping in some major premier outlet stores and make your day oh-so-fabulous
  • Relish an epic deep sea fishing charter
  • Cherish with a romantic sunset dinner cruise with your lover
  • Enjoy with friends the nationally-renowned golf courses and tennis courts

Location: The beach is 3 km from Panaji Centre, Near Dayanand Bandodker Marg, Panjim, India


Vagator Beach Goa, goa beaches

Vagator Beach Goa is in north of Anjuna is divided into two sections i.e. Big Vagator “the crowded main stretch of beach” that is frequented by domestic Indian tourists and Little Vagator that is more popular with foreigners. Little Vagator, the place where old-timer people and the people who love to have a hippie experience hang out. This area is also famous for psy-trance because there is legendary party spot Disco Valley nearby.

The landmark of this beach is the face of Lord Shiva carved into rock. One of the few Luxury Beach Resorts in Goa is the newly opened W Hotel in Vagator. There are numerous bars and clubs in the area, few of them are Chronicle and 9 Bar. The very famous Greek restaurant named as Thalassa is also on Vagator cliff. Hill Top is Goa’s most iconic destination for lovers of trance.

Things to do at Vagator Beach Goa

  • The party going persons are definitely going to have a lot of fun here as the beach is famous for its rave parties
  • Enjoy shopping in the most vibrant & longest flea market held on every Saturday by Germans
  • Try out some open air clubs located on vagator beach.
  • Go for enjoying the yummy Greek food in the most popular Thalassa of vagator. But make sure to book a ticket in advance because this place is always full.
  • You can also try out a place that is quite popular amongst foreign tourists “the Robert’s place”. It is open 24/7 which sells chilled out drinks.

Location: It is situated in North Goa and it is 9 kilometers away from Mapusa and 22 kilometers far from Panaji. Thivim is the nearest railway station.

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