The Heavenly Island Seychelles – Most Romantic Honeymoon Destination

Honeymoon is likely going to be the first real chance for the new-weds to enjoy some best quality time together, so planning for a Dream Honeymoon Destination should be the most exciting part of the Wedding Planning. This is the only chance to be treated like a king and queen by the people who get to know that the couple is newly-wed.
This non forgettable trip should integrate all of your favorite things as a couple into one place while simply enjoying one another’s company.So, the basic question which occurs first is, where exactly should you go for “The Most Romantic Trip” of all the time. The Crystal-Clear Seas and Sand beaches have always been considered as World’s Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations and Seychelles Island is one of them.

The Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations ”, Seychelles is known to attract newlyweds and it has plenty to offer for the people who look for a different travel experience. The country is known for its Romantic Beauty and Luxury. It is no more a place for the Riches but slowly it is becoming the Best Honeymoon Destination, especially for Indian couples. The Romantic Indian Celebrity Couple “Aishwarya Rai & Abhishek Bachhan” also opted this Most Romantic Destination to go on a honeymoon.
Many other celebrities have also chosen the beautiful country to enjoy their honeymoon or vacationing.  The North Island of Seychelles was chosen for the Honeymoon by “David and Victoria Beckham” and later the Duchess of Cambridge “Prince William and Kate Middleton”, Spent their honeymoon at the same place. You can book your honeymoon tickets to Seychelles with MMT:

Seychelles’ Cherished Most Romantic Honeymoon Destination:

1. The National Botanical Gardens:

National Botanical Gardens - Most Romantic Destinations
  • This is located on Mahe Island and it is one of the Most Romantic Destinations to visit in Seychelles.
  • This place is known for the Clicking pictures with most beautiful flora and must visit for a nature lover.
  • To collect the most Cherished Memory of the Seychelles Honeymoon, explore the sprawling and very large gardens.

2. The Clock Tower:

The Clock Tower - Most Romantic Destinations
  • A very admired & praised statue “The Clock Tower Monument” is a sign of proud from last 115 years.
  • Made with cast iron by Gillete & Johnson in the memory of Queen Victoria.
  • A very Popular Seychelles’ location to click a selfie with the clock tower in the background.

3. The Anse Georgette:

The Anse Georgette - Island Seychelles
  • The beauty of this place is just mesmerizing but this place is not much celebrated as of now.
  • A very calm & peaceful place that can give the New-weds an absolute haven like experience.
  • A Soothing Spot to just sit & observe the beauty all around or to simply relax here among all the scenic views.

The Treasure of Must Visit Islands:

Seychelles Incorporates of 115 Islands within itself, but the most Famous and must visit Islands are as follows:

1. Praslin Island:

Praslin Island - Most Romantic Honeymoon Destination
  • Known for the World Famous Coconuts “Coco de Mer palms”, the largest & heaviest Coconut in the world.
  • A no. of Shops and Stores having exquisite & artful delicate jewelry made of Real Plack pearls.
  • The island also incorporates an alluring National Park within itself which is known as Praslin National Park.

2. Mahe Island:

Mahe Island - Most Romantic Honeymoon Destination
  • This is the Largest Island in Republic of Seychelles known for comprising of the smallest capital in the World “Victoria”.
  • There are Highest Mountain Ranges in Mahe Island.
  • Fulfilled with out of the world experience of colorful birds and refreshing vegetation on the trails.

3. La Digue Island:

  • You can find some stunning beaches like Petite Anse and Anse Anse Source D’Argent here.
  • Enjoy beach horse-riding and a trip to tiny Felicit Island (having population of only 12 people).
  • Other attractions are the various types of flora and fauna in the Veuve Nature Reserve.

4. Curieuse Island:

Curieuse Island - Most Romantic Honeymoon Destination
  • A couple on Honeymoon is definitely going to have quite fun in the Marine Park, which is in Curieuse Island.
  • Take an experience of some very different & unique things like: Coco de Mer, Hawksbill, Aldabra Tortoises, Mangrove Forests,Green Sea Turtle Breeding, Takamaka Trees and Seychelles Black Parrot

Relish Some Romantic Moments with your Partner:

Most Romantic Destinations
  • Take The Tropical Couple Massage to make relax while enjoying the melodic silence meanwhile.
  • Enjoy playing Water Sports that will definitely give you the loud laughs and joyful cheer with your lover.
  • Have a great shopping experience by going for a shopping in the Victoria Market. The market has everything to offer from apparels to footwear to eatables to dairy produces.
  • Plan a picnic on the Privately Bagged Beach in the tropical heaven.
  • Simply Enjoy the Stunning Sunsets with hand in hand with your partner and start a refreshed day with Mesmerizing Sunrises.
  • Take a glimpse of the beauty of The ‘Garden of Eden’ at Praslin Island of Seychelles.
  • Take a Rental Bike and explore the secrets of Victoria Island at its best.

Where to Stay:

Some of the Most Romantic Resorts are listed below, please have a look at them:

Four Seasons Resort Seychelles:

Four Seasons Resort Seychelles

A five Star Resorts situated on Mahe Island that costs you around INR 1,20,000 to 1,80,000 per night will give you all the comfort you expects having on your honeymoon. You can connect to them by clicking on:

Constance Ephelia Resort:

Constance Ephelia Resort - Honeymoon Destination

A four star Resort in Mahe Island will enough to take your Honeymoon to the next level of Luxury. It costs you around INR 30,000 to 50,000 per night and you can connect for the booking by clicking on:

Acajou Beach Resort:

This exquisite resort situated on Parslin Island is a place for the budget conscious people as it Comprises of a range of accommodation choices according to your budget. It costs you around INR 17,250 to 30,000 per night. Connect for online booking by visiting on:

Reach to the Dream Honeymoon Destination:

Two of the most prominent airports among 6 airports of The Most Romantic Honeymoon Destination are:

  1. Seychelles international Airport at Victoria
  2. Praslin Island Domestic Airport at Praslin

Seychelles is very well connected to the world as over 300 international flights depart from there. An average cost per person is somewhere around INR 90,000.

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